Theresa Schuker is a young jewellery and object designer temporarily based in Düsseldorf. With an education at Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim and Hochschule Düsseldorf, she pursued her very early interest in jewellery design.

In her opinion every work starts with a graphical discussion.

The graphical two-dimensional approach helps to get the final three-dimensional work into perspective. The artist is not bound to certain materials and fabrics but to the special process of the approach. Everyday objects and products, which catch her attention, are divided into their single parts and pieces, before they will be put together individually to reach a non existing new form. Essential to the whole process is the idea of appreciating already existing objects through recycling.

The results depend on the material and the actual artistic statement. Her work expresses the analysis of different materials in contrast to colours, values and personal references.

She is questioning conventional boundaries and is interested in the transformation of non-precious into precious.

Her jewellery is designed and manufactured in Germany.

At last – craftsmanship makes every piece unique.